Art of Movement

by Yorick Aalto



"The artwork I fell in love is by James Roper. Very talented guy that made me think how life can be one big piece of art. His dynamic art is just like like real life. Moving all the time. Everything we do makes some kind of consequences. We move and never stop. Our life is still a mystery and exciting event. And that is what this song is about. Making me wonder about life and also talking about how movements we do is a piece of art and a giant puzzle. In the end, I make statement about religion. How people think that only their theory is right. But, in the end, what it matters, is your opinion on life. Everyone is right, until it's proven." Yorick, 18


Like a rain falling on concrete floor,
Like a bird killing the earthworm,
Seems like every action has a purpose.
And seems like the steps I'm making are the certain
Things we do.
Are so much magical, incredible, sensational, remarkable, magnificient.

Together we build a new planets.
Together with moves we move ourselfs.
I almost feel so much heat inside me.
So why don't you come and take the key?

So what are you waiting for?
I feel the nature like never before,
I feel the perfect artistical job,
Can you see it?
So what are you waiting for?
Can you see it?

I can make you a new born queen,
But you don't see the things I see.
Can you open your little eyes,
Step in here and see it right.


released 05 March 2015
Produced, written and done by Yorick Aalto.




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Yorick Aalto Serbia

Musical experimental artist who is devoted to art, avant-garde, and drama. Attracted to ones with pure positive energy, love, tolerance. Free people with free mind are the ones that speak in the name of universe.

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